Saturday, January 20, 2007

Dim Sum Bonanza

Dim sum camera A angle

Today marks the first time in ten years of being out of credit card debt. It's one of the many things that I've been trying to do to get my life "back on track". As it's been something I've been working on for the last few weeks and was big news, I wanted to celebrate by taking my friends out for lunch (dim sum). No this didn't mean I was going to rack up my cards again. I never got the chance (more on this later).

Dim sum camera B angle taken by Alan

There were 14 of us, probably a new dim sum club record. As I tried taking the bill to the cashier, Kyoko came up trying to take the bill away. She was being pretty grabby. I successfully managed to push her away. Seconds later as I started to punch in my pin number on the interact console, three thugs by the name of Tony, Alan, and Darryl, grabbed my card and each arm and dragged me away from the cashier. Geez. Instead of me paying for them, they all chipped in and paid for me.

Thanks people. It's nice to have friends.

After doing the usual Tim Hortons coffee, they didn't serve iced cappacino's - damn them, and hitting the local Best Buy (Dundas, east of Bay) Colin and I ended up in the computer corridor on College street. He was looking for some crossfire info on the ATI graphics cards.

Next up, "The Pursuit of Happyness" at the theatre at Eglinton and Yonge. A movie that was okay if you like your heart strings being pulled and you know how it ends before even stepping into the theatre. After the movie I found myself at his apartment playing with a remote controlled helicopter.

Colin and his battery operated helicopter


Anonymous said...

Great job on organizing the biggest dim sum ever, or at least the biggest I've attended. It was really good to see everyone & meet some new friends. It was like the six degrees of Bagelhot. Congrats on the end of credit card debt. I will not apologize for my grabby ways and thanks to the muscle men, the was not anymore spending on our watch.

Cupcake said...

I'm sorry I had missed such a fete. I was really looking forward to attending. My sister giving birth that day had to take precedence. BTW, I'm now the proud auntie of a niece. I see a few old faces from my university days were there. Would have loved to say hi.

Please plan another one, if you can.
And no, you shouldn't pay for it all. We can all pay for ourselves. Stay out of credit card debt!