Tuesday, January 23, 2007

People that you meet...

Michael, one of the audience at the Bloor Theatre

I saw "The Fountain" today at the Bloor theatre. It was an afternoon (4:30) show. With a membership that translates to $4.00. Not too shabby. Despite mixed media reviews I thought the movie was pretty good. Without getting into too much detail it's essentially a love story,. Throw in some what happens after death questions to the audience and "viola", "The Fountain".

After the movie I met a photographer by the name of Michael, a friend of Emmanuel. He was in the audience and became part of our small discussion group after the movie. Emmanuel on the hunt for some book stopped into a bookstore just east of the theatre. It was at the Pita Pit next door that I bumped into Melissa and Alan. Small world.

Melissa and Alan at the Pita Pit

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