Monday, January 22, 2007

Leanna Gets Fresh

A mango shake for lunch at Fresh

For lunch I met up with Leanna. As I'll pretty much eat anything, with the exception of liver as a solid, I left the choice of where to eat with her. She choose Fresh. Fresh is a vegetarian restaurant. Leanna is not a vegetarian. Not that I'm against vegetarian food but I have to ask...

What's with women and eating vegetables?

I'm basing this question on all the females I know that I've ever eaten with, gone to dim sum with (dim sum has very little vegetables - more on this later), gone to a restaurant with, etc, etc.

The girl is always the one ordering the steamed greens, the mixed vegetables, the big ass salad. Why?

Another example that comes to mind is that mothers telling us not to forget to eat our vegetables or asking if we've been getting enough greens. Maybe we don't live with them anymore but it seems to concern them. Our fathers, or at least my dad, might ask us... order us to finish our meal but I don't think I've ever heard him ask about my green intake.

Is this because women in general are more in touch with their leafy consumption? Are guys in general more carnivorous? Are women more concerned about the junk they put into their bodies compared to us male counter parts, on average I mean.

When I think about it most of my female friends are in fact more in touch with what they eat. Some for weight loss reasons, skin completion, or they don't eat heavy foods in general (meat versus plant) as it tires them out.

Woman are generally smarter than men and live longer lives. I would like to think it's because they take better care of themselves rather than us dying from them nagging us to an early grave asking things like "Did you order any vegetables?".

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