Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Back online

Genki eats while watching Pumpkin inhale his food.

I managed to get my computer BIOS reset yesterday. Took it into a Toshiba dealership where they charged me $90. Overall that's not too bad but then on the Toshiba site there's a blurb where they aren't supposed to charge anything. Never the less I was happy to have my computer back up and running and with such a quick turn around.

Kiri didn't get much sleep.

I delivered the final revisions today then went for lunch at the GOOF (a chinese restaurant on Queen street east and Beach ave - the real name is actually the Garden Gate). Kiri joined me. She looked pretty tired and still had stuff on the project to go back to.

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Anonymous said...

I feel terrible about your BIOS but what were you thinking petting the 'Allergy Bag'?! You're not suppose to be touching him to begin with....I don't care if he is fluffy & soft.