Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cat Scratch Fever

Pumpkin shows a tired Genki how pan handling is done.

With the exception of the faint meow from the basement and finding that Pumpkin was biting Genki the cats seem to be getting along fine. That is to say that Genki has found refuge under Kyoko and Chris' bed where as Pumpkin pretty much sleeps wherever he wants.

The look of fear.

Over the last few days Genki has been coming out for food so I see more of him. There would be days that I'd see a small head poking from around a piece of furniture staring at me if anything at all. Something else that has started recently (at least that has come to my attention) is that Genki will start scratching my apartment door like crazy. Meanwhile Pumpkin is generally sitting on the green couch. I noticed this last night while watching the Fugitive (season one, part two) on DVD.

Genki scratching the door to my apartment

In other news, I received a phone call this morning requiring last minute changes to the stuff I delivered the other day. The call came in at 10am. I went to sleep around 6am, a combination of watching the fugitive and playing with the Wii.

I managed to push through the changes on the computer and deliver the final animations to James. I am tired and will probably crash soon.


Anonymous said...

You're taking such good care of the fur balls, that I think they will prefer you over Chris & I by the time we get back home. Don't you spoil them too much.
My parents are really enjoying your updates and are delighted with the pictures.
If you wanted to put Genki outside on the laundry line, buy him him a small dog harness (the kind that goes around his chest) and I will pay you back. His leash can be found in his carrier on the floor beside the white couch.
Genki is a big door scratcher because he wants you to know that he needs company. If you want, please feel free to use our tv & dvd player to watch movies and play with the Wii. He will appreciate the distant sound of human activity. It's a comfort to him since he is used to having my mom around all the time at home. I think he is missing her quite a bit.
Thanks for your continued cat duties. I hope they're not too much trouble.
Hugs, kyoko

BagelHot said...

It's odd because Genki was stratching the door while I was watching TV in your apartment. Maybe he wanted to get away from me or maybe he doesn't like the Fugitive. How can you not like the Fugitive?

As for buying him a harness... I already did that last weekend. I even got the advice of Andrew and Isako across the street. I have no problem with putting the harness on the cat but Genki freaks out when I try putting him outside.

I have not tried since. Although he does come closer to the door when Pumpkin goes out. Outside sounds tend to freak him out and he runs for under the bed.

Anonymous said...

Try taking Genki out from the back kitchen door. Have the leash already hooked on to Genki and then all you'd have to do is hook the other end to the laundry line...this may take several trys but if you try this during the day when most of the street away at work, it should be quiet enough for him to feel safe.
Good luck, Kyoko