Friday, April 11, 2008

The Stem, Food Haven

Queen street east of Spadina

I was looking forward to meeting up with Emmanuel at the Stem today. A) because I was starving and B) because I haven't really been out doing social stuff for the last few weeks. It felt like that working on the project.

The last few days have been cold but sunny. I was starting to get jealous of Pumpkin going outside and basking in the sun while I worked away indoors in front of the computer. Today I would go out and see the sun, it was pretty exciting... until I looked outside and noticed the rain. According to the Wii weather channel it was also supposed to snow this weekend. Boo!

The Stem sign a beacon for food.

Even with the wet weather it was still good to get out into the cool fresh crisp non-fur air. At the sight of the Stem sign I could almost taste that warm crunchy BLT.

Emmanuel and our food

The food up close

At the Spadina Queen intersection

There's fog.

I got back home to let the cats out. Well Pumpkin anyway. Genki just stood in the door.

Pumpkin outside

Genki pokes his head out


Anonymous said...

How many of those meals were yours?

BagelHot said...

Just the BLT and the Burger with Fries.

Secret Squirrel said...

hey...Glad you are back..did you set up that trip wire camera???

Pumpkin must just be loving the company...NOT

(i am commenting on all the posts since london,by the way)

i remember pop up video..loved it too
i also remember that static experiment...i do NOT like static/How is your finger by the way?

i will drop by again soon
xox eve xox

Secret Squirrel said...

oh BY THE WAY i think i said BY THE WAY a few to many times...just by the way

i am such a looser...YAY for me

xox eve xox

BagelHot said...

Finger is okay... Much like the science experiment I was just the conduit.

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Hi Derek,

I love that you document our fun times together at The Stem, the delicious food and my ever changing hairdo's.