Saturday, April 05, 2008

The cat did it.

While I'm urged to use a term like CATastrope I will refrain from using puns out the wazoo. Way back in high school I seem to recall an experiment with a piece of fur and an ebony rod. It was a demostration on static electricity. Today I had another demonstration only this time it cost me my computer BIOS. I was petting the cat. Since it was after 9pm I let Pumpkin upstairs so the other cat, Genkie, could eat. Pumkpin if given the chance will eat for both of them pushing Genkie aside.

As I was saying, I was petting the cat then went to type some some on the aptop keyboard when, ZAP, a large spark jumped from my finger to the laptop. The program and operating system froze. Thankfully the machine was able to reboot. Unfortunately the BIOS had been zapped in such a way that my password became active. I don't use a password. So chances are the password became whatever random settings the bytes were when the zapping took place.

As a result I'm locked out of my computer. Enter the wrong password three times and the machine shuts down. Thankfully this doesn't directly affect my delivery for tomorrow, although it is a pain not having email or internet while waiting for frames to render.

I will bring my laptop into a service center on Monday first thing. Until then I'll be off line for a while (unless I can sneak onto a neighbor's computer or visit an internet cafe).


Anonymous said...

Funny, yet sad.

Anonymous said...

can't you just upload a new bios over the old one?

from a floppy?

Anonymous said...

BagelHot said...

I'm online now...

The computer wouldn't let me in without a password. A password set randomly by the freak static accident.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging the furry ones.
Love from Japan,