Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Who needs an alarm clock when you have two cats?

Pumpkin at 1:40am lying behind my head

I was up until about 3:00am watching more of the Fugitive. I went to sleep then around 5:45am was woken up by Genki meowing and scratching the apartment door. I don't remember him meowing so much. Although I may have just slept through previous cat moaning.

It was just as well as I had to take out the recycling. Holy cow, the sun wasn't even in the sky yet. It was still very blue out, the cross between evening and day. Made for some interesting photos.

While going to the back of the house to get the recycling bin, Pumpkin came out to sit on the road. There wasn't any traffic, who would be up this early anyway? As it turns out there were actually other neighbours doing the same thing, rolling out the new recycle bins to the curb. I wonder if they have cats too?

Once the recycling was out it was back to sleep for me.

5:50am Pumpkin looks down the road

The new recycle bin with the handle out for easier access

Genki looks outside from the safety of the doorway

Genki trying to sneak upstairs while I grab some cans for recycling

I like this photo of Genki, it reminds of of the old Trek episodes when they put a light on Kirk's eyes to put emphasis on his character.

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Anonymous said...

Kind of spooky....but there is a Star Trek-ness to the last picture.