Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dumpling City

Ding Tai Fung (located at 3235 Hwy. 7 E. near Woodbine in Markham), it's a bit of a haul to get out there but it's easier for Zee, Juley and the kids as it's closer to where they live. While I don't consider it dim sum by traditional standards (they don't have the shrimp dumplings) it's a nice change from the standard dim sum we've had in the last few years, plus the dumplings with soup in them are addictive.

Zee and his girls Madison and Michaela

I'm always amazed at how big the kids are each time we see them and what they're doing. Michaela, Zee's older of the two, has quite the expressive face and is pretty entertaining to watch.

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Zee said...

She got it all from daddy.