Thursday, June 26, 2008

Early to bed, early to rise means working the night shift

The cloud formation at sun set

I had woke up at 10:30am this morning. Finally after weeks of having a weird sleep schedule due to working on the "project" I managed to wake up at a decent time getting my sleep schedule back on track (compared to the majority of the human race). The new sleep schedule didn't last long. After waking up I logged into my email account, checked my email, then answering machine. I was offered work on a TV commercial starting at 9:30pm.

Another night shift job. Cool. Who needs sleep anyways? Turns out the main playback guy that normally works the commercials was in the hospital with his wife. She had just given birth to their new baby boy. A son for them, work for me. A win win situation if I ever saw one.

Packing up the truck at the end of the "day".

We finished shooting and packing the "deathstar" (the name of the truck) by 8am. The sun was out and by the time I got home it was 10am. So much for the sleep schedule.

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