Monday, December 21, 2009

That Jar of Mustard

An old jar of mustard

It's been two years since the last move. This morning I was rummaging through a box that had started to decompose in my closet. I was transferring contents out of it into a new box. That's when I found this jar of mustard that I lost about 5 years ago just after moving into the place previous to the place previous of the one I'm moving out of. (I'm sure there was an easier way of saying that but oh well).

The problem happened for two reasons. A) I never unpacked all the boxes, B) someone else packed that box. The mustard along with a bunch of jars of chutney sat in my closet and in the unpacked box remaining untouched. Unfortunately the mustard now looks like it's fermented. I wonder if it's still good?

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