Saturday, January 30, 2010

Beaches Photo Walk

The sewage treatment plant (N43 39.810 W79 19.042)

Our photographic adventure started at 10:00. The 10am thing is a pretty hard sell. Getting up early on a weekend when all your body wants to do is sleep can be a major undertaking just by itself. Having to, in addition, lug that same sleepy body across town to be meet in front of a sewage plant in a park for 10:00 near a body of water in the winter, that's just crazy.

If I haven't stated it before I'll state it now. The photos that you get that are great looking are generally proportional to the crappy weather conditions. The crappier the environment outside, the better the photos. Like any great photographers there were actually a bunch of the meet up group out early braving the elements even before I arrived.

Paul walking on the hill (N43 39.799 W79 19.028)

A bunch of them were just standing around making it easy to spot where we were meeting. All those people talking in a clump with all that photo gear. Some were off shooting nearby. Lying on their stomaches shooting up at the sky, aiming at the water sewage plant, taking photos of one another.

By 10:18 gps time, the group left the sewage plant to wander toward queen street. We walked along a board walk and a few dog owners. There was one energetic black dog that ran around all of us at terribly fast speeds. I've never seen so many photographers trying to take photos of a dog before. I think the owner was a bit at awe as well.

A dog on the boardwalk (N43 39.878 W79 18.676)

After unsuccessfully trying to take a photo of the dog by following it, I stretched out, stomach to the board walk and waited for the dog to pass by with my camera set to a predetermined focus. It was good in theory and I didn't have to move. It took about two minutes but the dog, I suppose being curious, saw me and decided to get closer to see what I was up to. click.

The library owl (N43 40.215 W79 17.916)

We found ourselves in front of the Beach library and this owl. Again, a horde of photographers shooting the same thing from different angles.

Sometimes it's worth photographing things in color (N43 40.263 W79 17.797)

The Leuty life guard station (N43 40.019 W79 17.704)

Bunch of rocks (N43 40.021 W79 17.703)

More rocks (N43 39.983 W79 17.696)

Icicles (N43 39.983 W79 17.695)

Jose, Photographer (N43 39.985 W79 17.696)


Iced plant (N43 40.326 W79 16.671)

Close up of the iced plant (N43 40.329 W79 16.672)

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