Saturday, January 23, 2010

Photo workshop

Took a photo workshop today down on Queen street at the Snowball gallery. I really wasn't sure what to expect. I heard about it through a facebook events posting. There was no description other than the group would learn more about shooting in manual camera settings and that we would go outside to take some photos.

The course was a lot more introductory that I thought but it was still good meeting the photo instructor and the other "students". What really made the workshop fun was the photo hunt we did. We were given a small slip of paper with items to shoot.
  1. something bigger than you
  2. something that makes you happy
  3. some where that you would spend time in
  4. signs of the future or past
  5. and then the catch all, a photo showing order/chaos (and some other things I can't remember)

We were sent out into the neighbourhood and were given 45 minutes and a limit of 10 photos to come back with photos of the items in the list.

I went with #5, order, photographing repetitive patterns in the end. I'll admit trying to photograph subjects in the other categories just wasn't coming to me. There were a few dog photos that could have gone under something that makes me happy but in the end I didn't think they were good enough to show.

Yes, after submitting the photos we uploaded them onto a computer and were critiqued. It was actually quite a good experience. The instructor had a lot of supportive input and suggestions on how we could make the photos better.

Above is one of the photos I shot that we deemed as a "favourite". One photo from each photographer was selected (deemed a favorite) and may show up on a web site some where.

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