Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cold start

Ivy shows off her one piece thermal wear

The first practice scrimmage of the year had Hammer City go up against the Tri-City girls of kitchener. It took place in an arena some where (I left my GPS at Chainsaw's place) in or near Caledonia. As a passenger in a car I'm terrible at figuring out where I am if I'm not paying attention.

Getting ready to scrimmage

The arena was cold. According to my thermometer, it was 2° C. Not quite freezing but cold enough to see your breath. The concrete was cold to sit on. The few spectators that showed sat in lawn chairs with blankets.

Dicey warms up

Sin-e-star blocks Dicey

Lippy from Tri-city scoots around the track taking lead jammer

view from the stage.

Boom and Chainsaw Mary freeze while performing the duties of the penalty box

Miss Carriage takes on ninja like properties

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