Friday, December 24, 2010

Inspector Coconut Day Three

Inspector Coconut with today's paper.

13:20 - showed up at the house to take photo of Inspector Coconut with today's paper.

I didn't spend as much time at the house today as the allergies started kicking in quicker today than the other days. The cat seemed more content today that the last few. More prone to purring.

Cat food.

Adrienne's mail on the stairs.

Hilary's mail on desk.

Hey, there's another bowl full of food.

Although there was an incident in the upper hallway. While petting the cat with my foot the cat rolled over exposing it's belly. I should have paid heed to the Oatmeal as there was murder in the eyes of Coconut and not empathy as my foot became a claw pin cushion. After being released I went downstairs leaving the cat upstairs.

Inspector coconut on the top of the stairs.

Ted's mail on coffee table.

Inspector Coconut on Hilary's chair.

Before leaving the house I checked to see what the cat was up to. The subject was lying on Hilary's chair upstairs. A bit of petting and wheezing later I left the house.

14:30 - left house.

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