Monday, June 06, 2005

Croonin with Carone

Linda Carone performs at Gate403, a bar in the west end

Sunday night. After a low key weekend I decided to drop by gate 403 to see a friend sing. How would I describe Linda you ask? Graphic artist, bra designer, singer, with an infectious laugh would be a good nut shell description.

I originally met Linda about 13 years ago while working at a temp agency back when she was just a graphic designer/bra person. It's only been the last couple of years that I know of that she has been doing the singing thing. You'd think by listening to her that she should've been doing this sort of thing all her life as she can really belt out those tunes.

Her repertoire, at least for this night, consisted of a bunch of standards. Mostly songs about love and relationships. Stuff you could hear Louis Prima, Van Morrison, or Dean Martin sing. She performed three sets over the course of four hours.

Note to self: I'll have to make an effort to see her the next time she sings and have a faster lens.

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