Friday, June 24, 2005

Hunter Valentine

Hunter Valentine at the newly renovated Gladstone.

After an exhausting game of soccer. It was only about 20 minutes. A bunch of us went to see a performer at the Gladstone. Alan's friend Laura was playing the guitar and singing. There were a few bands that night but one in particular named "Hunter Valentine" had a lead singer that had one of those memorable sounding vocals (and a cute drummer).

Note: When shooting bands always try to get at least one good shot of the drummer as they are usually the hardest to get a shot of. They're located (most of the time) in the back and are covered by the guitarists and/or singers in the front making it difficult to getting a clear shot.

Come to think of it when you see "big" bands play, the drummer is usually located high up on a platform behind the front line of performers. AC/DC comes to mind. I can see Phil (the drummer) on some platform high up behind Angus, Brian, Cliff, and Malcom. I guess someone else thought of this for photo/video/film purposes. See lego set as reference in previous blog. I wonder if there are any performers that use a mirror over the drummer much like a mirror over a cook on a cooking show so you can see what he/she is drumming?


Zee said...

You can't fool me, you looked up those AC/DC band member names. Poseur!

BagelHot said...

Yes I looked them up in the liner notes (pictures really) from the "Back in Black" CD. Unlike Zee I grew up with techno bop tunes and didn't get introduced/interested to "rock" until relatively recently. Mainly due to a girl I met(who will remain nameless).

Cupcake said...

You met a woman! Do tell! Can't believe you hadn'd said anything to me last time we spoke.

BagelHot said...

Woah there. False alarm. The girl I met was a few years ago. Nothing developed romantic wise. But thanks for your enthusiastic support.