Saturday, June 04, 2005

Miss Universe: The Earlier Days

Natalie Globova getting her hair done at Andrew Majtenyi's fashion show april 8th.

The press has been showing tons of pictures of Miss Universe recently. As it turns out she was one of the fashion models in the Andrew Majtenyi fashion show a few months ago before she won the Miss Universe title. So to jump on the band wagon (so to speak) here are some pictures from Andrew's show.

Natalie Glebova modelling on the runway


Wade Marshall said...

I like this shot (bottom pic), you can see right up Miss Universe's crotch. Have anymore of her? I'd love to see them.

If it helps, I watched the pageant and cheered her (and her crotch) on.

Anna Pet said...

She is hot! Yay for the Sexy Canadian girls!