Sunday, June 05, 2005


An attendee at this years Woofstock.

Woofstock, a event taking place this weekend in the Toronto distillery district. Doggie meals, doggie bowls, doggie brushes, doggie googles, bibs, shirts, leashes, tags, toys. They even had doggie staircases and ramps so the dog could climb up to the couch. It was that time of year again for woofstock. A doggie event where owners with pet could see what's new in doggie technology and meet other dog owners.

Not being a dog owner or even a dog person I blended in by going with Brian and Amanda with Bailey their boxer. Not that anyone stopped me to test my canine knowledge or anything. Most of the owners loved seeing their "Cutie pie" photographed. I must say it was entertaining seeing the different types of dogs and whatever garb the owner might have put them in. I wonder if the dogs feel humiliated? Maybe as revenge on the owner they'll pee on the couch or poo behind the TV when the owner isn't looking.

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Anonymous said...

Cats have too much dignity to be caught in a circus such as Woofstock. Thus no "Meowapolooza".