Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Truck Stop

Just north of Bracebridge we notice a truck in the median flipped over.

The way back home was a lot quicker thanks to our transport driver Wayne. To get back to Toronto from North Bay it is just a little over 300 km. We arrived in just under three and a half hours. That time may have been shorter had we not come across a flipped over lumber truck while booting down the highway. The traffic slowly down almost to a crawl. You could walk faster than we were going. Once we past the truck and the tractors trying to flip it back up we noticed the traffic started zooming along.

What is it with rubber neckers? It's not like any of them got out to help. Once they saw what was going on and that there were no bodies hanging out of the truck they'd speed up. Of course the slowing down thing slows everyone behind them down and the cycle continues until the accident has been cleaned up.

1 comment:

Anna Pet said...

Awwww I feel sorry for him...I agree with you 100% if you are not going to get out of your car and offer assistance, then "mind your bizness"

I can understand a quick, cursary, glance to acknowledge something in your field of view that is out of the ordinary and quickly assess whether it poses a direct risk but to slow down your car to stare out of morbid fascination, thus endagering others on the road around you, is just WRONG!!!!