Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Frizzy Head

Kim MacDonald - victim of frizzy head

After half a week of being sick. Coughing, vomiting, sweating, sore throat sick, that sort of thing, I eventually got better and made my way outside to the beach to play volley ball. Like most sports that I play the playing ends and we (the people playing) find ourselves out drinking and/or eating. Tonight was no exception as we ended up at Lick's, a local burger place, and later Captian Jack's, a local "seedy" pub. Before continuing on I would like to note for the record that Captain Jack's is not really "seedy". It just doesn't fit into the yuppified category that other bars in the beach area seem to fall into.

Kim was telling us how she was the victim of frizzy head, hair that puffs out when humid. Neither Ryan or I really noticed and I wondered if secretly that bugged her more, us not noticing that is. How many times has a male gotten into trouble because he didn't notice a new hair doo, dress, or make up application? Usually the result ends up being the women getting very angry or upset with the guy and the guy wondering what he did to deserve this. The worst is when the guy asks "What's wrong?"and the girl shoots back "I think you know!". The person that makes a brain implant to read these women brain waves will make a load of cash.

It's interesting what a female notices compared to what a male will notice on other women. The first thing to come to mind are fat ankles. Women seem to always notice fat ankles. I don't know why. What draws a womens eyes to the ankle area in the first place? Are they checking out the shoes and just happen to look up? Maybe the shoes are a good target to sully the other womens character. "Those shoes make her feet fat.". The fat ankle is just a bonus.

What about "bingo arms"? This is a term I picked up from Kyoko and Chris who in turn found out through some aussies while on a camping trip. "Bingo arm" is the arm of a bingo player. Usually stereotyped as over weight, the bingo person waves their enormous flabby arm when getting five numbers in a row and yelling "bingo". To add more insult there's a country that is associated with bingo arm but since we're making fun of over weight people playing bingo, well... that's probably enough discrimination for one blog entry.

Also I've noticed that if a women is shown a picture of a well dressed women that just happens to be large in the upper body area (large breasts) she will be labeled a "tart" even though the two women have never met. It can be pretty ugly when women judge other women. Do guys do this to other guys? Usually it's an attack on the other guys character. "Look at that loser". It's rarely ever "Look at those fat ankles".

Then again there are the exceptions to the rule as one reads about the Elephant man or the Hunchback of Notre Dame. But those guys were pretty hideous. Maybe that's what it takes? Guys with features so hideous that even a blind person would notice. It goes then that women can be a lot meaner when it comes to criticism. At least based on this bloggers observation.

"Hell hath no fury like that of a woman...". They should just end that line there. Leave out the scorned part.

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Anna Pet said...

I try not to be mean to other girls but sometimes I just can't help it. I think that women are raised to be catty.

I personally don't look for physical faults i tend to like making fun of poorly dressed people or mean people.

To be honest, it IS fun sometimes....a guilty pleasure so to speak ;-D