Friday, July 22, 2005

Happy Meal

Breakfast at the skyline restaurant (located on Queen street west).

Like yesterday, I ended up going for breakfast before going to work on set. My breakfast consisted of three eggs, three sausages, some home fried potatoes, and a tiny glass of orange juice. All for under $5.00 (including tip!) It was odd seeing the configuration of the food on my plate. When was the last time I ate food that resembled a smiley face?

Although unintentional I think the happy eggs brought back a flood of childhood memories. Eating the broccoli like you were a dinosaur eating trees, having the food plane spoon land into the "hanger", making moats in your mashed potatoes to help keep the pea people from being drowned in the flood of gravy. It was all fun until some parent told us to "Stop playing with your food.".

Wasn't it the parent that started us down the dark path of playing with the food in the first place to get us to eat things we didn't want to? I have this sudden urge to eat mashed potatoes and relive the flooding of the pea people.

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Hot Chocolate Atlantis!