Saturday, July 30, 2005

Jenga Master Zee

Mike Zanette holds one of the Jenga blocks after winning the nights Jenga tournament.

There are some board games that get kind of simple and or boring as you grow up. Snakes and ladders for example seems pretty simplistic and Monopoly seems to always play out the same. Enter Jenga, a game where you have to pull blocks out of a stack and place it back on top. Sounds simple, it is simple, but it takes a bit of motor coordination to play. It's even more fun when you have to play for shots.

Tonight's tournament was played at Tony and Reneta's place, somewhere just north of Aurora. Where that is exactly I don't know. I got a drive up and never really paid much attention to which way it was out of toronto or how far. Some where out in farm lands would be a good description. It started off as a foodfest bbq and tour of the "new" home. Eventually due to rain and being too full to move we ended up in the living room. That's when the game came out.

After a few hours it was down to two people. Both Marc and Zee had not toppled the tower of bricks at all and so the last game that was played was between just the two of them squaring off for the title of Jenga master. In the end ti was Zee that tasted victory leaving Marc with the agony of defeat.

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Wade Marshall said...

It's bad enough I have to see his "back pages, 1-900, Now/Eye magazine head shot" every time I log into I have to put up seeing his face on BagelHot too.