Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Glen's Dogs

Glen's four legged friends

Ever since I've lived in the neighborhood I've noticed this guy with two puffy dogs wandering around, taking the TTC, sitting next to the grocery store, sometimes pan handling for loose change. Today was no exception. The dogs were parked in front of the bank while the owner was across the street picking up a newspaper.

The owner's name is Glen who seems nice enough. After I gave him a toonie he showed me some pictures of the various pets that were and currently are under his care. Basically three dogs, a cat, and a fat bald pigeon (the picture of the bird was a bit blurry, it may not have been bald). The dogs were pretty tame, allowing themselves to be patted by passing kids and adults.

As a dog owner of years past I can't say I miss the smell of wet dog or the face licking one gets when one is sleeping and the dog wants something. A walk, some food, a walk and some food. Fleas, humping, smelling a person's crotch, barking at the mailman, eating food from the dinner table, dragging me through the snow while chasing after a squirrel, drinking from the toilet. I miss my dog.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know that you ever had anything other than a few hamsters. I know that you like animals quite a bit since you can't seem to resist Pumpkin & Napolean even though you're allergic. You got a picture of your pooch somewhere?

BagelHot said...

A do have a picture of "Lucky" (my border collie dog) somewhere. It's not in digital form though.