Saturday, August 13, 2005


Dawne Furey competing for Miss Reef Canada

Is a bikini contest a bikini contest if the girls only wear bikini bottoms? The organizers of WakeStock seem to think so. Wakestock was a event this weekend that showcased water sports, punk bands and the "bikini" clad women. It took place on the Toronto Islands and behind the Montanna's resturant on John and Richmond.

After paying a $20 cover you could stand in the parking lot to see a few bands play. Damn 13, Kill Radio (from L.A.) and a third band which I can't remember the name of simply because we left before they went on. The event had an alarming amount of security comprised of police and security guards. Travelling to the united states might have been a lot less troublesome.

After waiting in a line for a few minutes to get in I was searched for weapons and in the end got a pair of folding scissors taken away from me. Yes those little scissors you'd use to cut a piece of thread or maybe open an envelope. Then again I thought about it. Would I want a pair of scissors jabbed into me no matter how small? The thing that irked me was that they wouldn't take any responsiblity for getting them back to me. Sure the scissors were maybe $3.00 but if I'm going to have to leave something with someone you'd think I'd be able to get that thing back.

The parking lot had a stage, a bunch of beer stations, a few tents selling CDs, T-shirts, and other WakeStock merchandise, and a large amount of portable bathrooms. For a place that didn't allow people to leave and come back via a handstamp or some such thing they didn't have any bank machines.

After attending a few of these "contests" one might notice that they are populated by some of the same contestants. One wonders if these women are put on a large mailing list that tells them about upcoming events that they can compete in and more importantly where does one get this list. With the exception of Simon Mah (photographer to the stars) a lot of the usual photographers were not at this event. It seemed odd. I almost expect certain photographers to show up being such a small bikini contest photo community and all.

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Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you have any more pictures from last year's Miss Reef...I know a girl who was in it but I can't find any pictures of the event. Thanks a lot in advance.