Saturday, August 27, 2005

Silence is golden or at least some spare change

A slate I made at home to bring into work to mark tapes.

After the work on Regenesis on Monday, James got me some work on a show called "Silence". Actually it's a movie. My job... video assist. What does a video assist guy do. In simple terms he (or she) wires up monitors and maybe a VCR to a film camera. While the camera shoots the video assist person records the shot. It's then made available if anyone wants to see it. Anyone being the Director, Producer, Continuity, Camera and cast. If it doesn't hold up production I'll show the kraft services people should they be interested.

Not that I've worked many movies but I found the crew were all pretty nice people. Producers and the director know you by name. People tend to work better as a whole when there's a comfortableness. Is that even a word? The hours have been long and pretty crazy. I think I'll turn my ringer off so I don't get people calling me before ten. It's 5:40am now. I have to get some sleep.

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Anna Pet said...

I love that picture you made! It is so cute. My favourite things about it are:

1. is a beautiful colour

2. There is an A on it and I get strangely excited by things with the letter A on them...because my name is Anna.

3. Little Lego man....adorable.

LOVES IT (Thanks to Paris Hilton for popularizing that wonderful phrase).