Sunday, August 14, 2005

It sucks to help out

Darryl and Amanda go over Darryl's movie notes

I got a call yesterday morning from a makeup artist that needed a picture done of herself. A head shot. She didn't have a lot of money so I decided I'd try helping her out by volunteering to do the shoot for free. Living in a basement apartment has it's disadvantages. One being that the ceiling is pretty low. At least too low to set up any lighting for a photoshoot.

My gear, although a tad heavy, is still pretty portable. Since she lived in a basement apartment as well I decided we'd have to do the shoot somewhere else. Darryl offered his place. I told him that I'd buy him lunch as a form of payment. I confirmed the time with the artist and started getting ready to pack and charge the batteries overnight.

Today, on my way to the restaurant (bejing house) I missed a call on my inaudible cell phone. I found out later the makeup artist couldn't make it. She called two hours before the shoot to cancel. This irritated me. Even though I really didn't have much else to do this sunday I still spent the money getting over to Darryl's and back, going to the restaurant and carrying all the gear around. It's times like this when offering to help people really sucks.

A few hours later photo girl Amanda popped by to go over Darryl's storyboard. Darryl managed to get a mock doc approved by the comedy channel. They're actually paying him to produce a four minute short. More on this later.

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Anonymous said...

Hey D,

Don't let it get you down, I believe things happen for a reason. I'm glad to hear you were there for her even if it didn't pan out, and for your efforts, the next drink is on me...