Monday, August 15, 2005

Waking up at the crack of noon

"4pm. Wow it's bright outside."

It's monday and thanks to a late night last thursday, or was it friday, I'm still waking up really late. As I really don't have any full time work until wednesday it's not that bad. I managed to get out of bed by about 12:30, stepped on a screwdriver on the way to the washroom, then decided to start cleaning around the apartment. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Where does all this mess come from? Well from me obviously since I'm the only one living in this place. It looks like a small tornado hit the apartment leaving bank machine receipts and other little papers interspersed between camera gear and random tools.

On a happy note I found a pile of green towels a had bought a few months ago. The green tea ice cream green is actually the color of the towel not the mold that might have formed on them. When buying the towels on sale, Nilla told me "you need bright and cheery colors for the bathroom" hence the green tea ice cream color. Whereas totally white towels are reserved for hotels and towels with a silhouette of a girl surfing with an island pattern is just not appropriate. Who knew? For the record the girl surfing is pretty tiny taking up maybe 5% of the entire towel surface area. Did I say I picked up the towel somewhere on sale? Geez, the more I type, the more I see my foot going into my mouth. I'll just stop now.

After getting rid of some mold that's been growing on my fridge door I decided it was time to stop cleaning and get outside. A few days ago I rediscovered my fisheye lens (as you may have noticed from the last blog entry). Since the beach is relatively close by (a 20 to 30 minute walk away) I decided to head on down there to see what pictures could be taken.

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