Monday, May 29, 2006

A Week's Gone by Already

David and Zoe working away in their new office

Holy Cow! A whole week has gone by and there's been nothing on the blog. I haven't really taken many pictures this week. I think I shot something like 47 images in the last seven days. Sheesh.

The hilight of the week and really the only time I've gone outside, other than the grocery store for food or the occassional escape to the backyard to tend to the plants/worms or the odd movie review, was to go to this project meeting. I don't even remember what day it was as all the days are starting to blur into one another. It's one of the many hazzards of working day and night, night and day.

Neil explaining the "big idea"

Today I went outside without the camera only to be greeted by seering heat and the TTC on strike. I had to drop off a bunch of stuff on DVD for James.

David creating an audio voice over track


Anonymous said...

So did you ride your bike instead of taking a taxi?
And call me about dinner/celebration of job/catching-up.

Sakura Punk Attack! said...

I think I walked right by your place about 6pm, along Eastwood. Starting out from work (Kingston Rd & Warden) I managed to kill 2 hrs with plenty o' stops to my ma's in Riverdale. Yay for street corn in Little India with a mango lassi chaser. Next time I'll ring you to check out yer new pets.