Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Garden Status

The Garden Gnome next to the Tomato plant (that seems to be on steriods)

"september 5th. 2006. What once was an arid landscape not capable of sustaining life now is a lush, living jungle teeming with vegetation."

I lazed around today for the most part. Getting up at 4:00am to call London has made me feel exhausted. It seems gardening is a good thing to do when you want your brain to still be in off mode.

As you can see, what once was a patch of dirt in the backyard has grown into a tomato jungle.

Woo hoo! My first tomato.


theotherbear said...

Wow! You have some healthy looking tomato plants there. Last time I tried to grow them I ended up with straggly sticks in the ground that grew exactly 0 fruit. I bought some plants today to replace some that have outgrown the pots, which I'll replant elsewhere. The plants are a struggle to keep healthy. The weeds in our garden seem to thrive however!

Cupcake said...

Your garden is impressive! For a newbie gardener, it seems you are natural green thumb. Keep up the good work.