Monday, September 25, 2006

Rainy Day in London

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The nearby internet lounge

Originally I had it in mind to wake up early to venture off to the London Eye and get pictures while the sun was coming up over the horizon. Instead I woke up to rain. I peaked outside and eventually got out to grab a sandwich and drink and hit the nearby internet lounge. Only one pound for unlimited access. For those that are in the area the internet lounge is located a half block away from Earl's Court station, just across the street.

An M+S sandwich with a vanilla bean maple syrup smoothie

After getting all my emailing out of the way I went back to the hotel and stayed there until around 4:30. I used the time to catch up on my sleep and burn a few DVDs of fashion photos. The process took about an hour a disc. While burning and inbetween napping I ate the sandwich and had the smoothie. I must say that even though I love maple syrup, mainly on pancakes, in a smoothie I'm not so sure I'm found of.

I eventually decided to get up and go outside figuring I'd take in a museum or something.

The London Fashion Week main tent

The natural history museum is located right next to the main fashion tent so I went there first. Museums close at five o'clock. I never did make it into one. Eventually I gave up and went back to the internet lounge and back to the hotel to burn discs.

A newspaper vendor

Tree bark

London above ground transportation

The best roasted dusk in all of London

Later on that night I met up with Dunham, Josie, and Andrew. We ended up at the Four Seasons restaurant and ordered some chinese food. This included the roast duck. It was the best roast duck I've had, as least that I remember I've had, anywhere.

Having chinese food

Later on, it was Trader Vic's, a make shift tikki room located in the basement of a Hilton hotel. I ordered a fancy shmancy drink with coconut and pineapple from a young waitress who came to work in London from France. She had a long elegant neck and the smooth, supple skin you might see in an oil of Olay commercial.

The room next to us had a live band playing covers "I got you Babe", "Tears of a clown", "Billy don't be a hero", "Take a chance on me", and some other 60s tunes. All in all it was an interesting place. The band was great.

A visit to Trader Vic's for some fancy drinks

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