Saturday, September 02, 2006

Michelle's Birthday Dim Sum

Kyoko and Nancy wait for others to arrive.

A bunch of us met at the Pearl this morning to A) celebrate Michelle's Birthday, B) socialize, C) to eat dim sum. I was the first to arrive. Eventually others would show up. No one was late. I hate waiting around for late people.

The are two groups or categories for why people are late.

Category one: There are people that are late because they're on a bus that gets delayed, got into an accident or someone close to them got into an emergency situation and needed assistance. In other words they are late because of things they cannot control.

Then there's category two: The people that are just time challenged and have no concept of how long things really take or how to schedule anything with regards to time. They underestimate the time it takes to get from point A to B, the time it takes to get something done. In the end they arwe usually always late with some feeble excuse. Usually an excuse that involves an outside action from a third party so as to make it not entirely their fault. Traffic was bad. The line up was long. The train took a long time compared to usual. Excuses that may seem valid to a person that has just met the tardy person but to a long term "friend" the excuse falls flat.

I was told once that category two people are late because they A) Don't care, B) are self centred, C) both. If we won a gazzilion dollars but in order to actually receive the money we had to be at a place on time chances are we'd be there whether we belong to group 2 or not. They show up on time because it's important. So it begs the question why do we wait around for these people that we know are in category two?

I used to be driven crazy by people that would make you wait. There would be days that I'd sit around waiting for people only to find out later that it's now too late in the day to do anything (in their mind) so they wouldn't show up at all. Thanks for nothing. I suppose the lesson here is that if you're waiting and the person you're waiting for is in category 2 and you know they're category 2 then it's your own fault for waiting.

Michaela looks to the future.

Getting back to the the actual dim sum event you'll notice that there's a lot of pictures of Michaela. It seems nobody cares if you take pictures of babies. The more the better. That is of course as long as you know who the parents are. The same people that used to say "enough already with the pictures" when they were the subject now pose the baby for you.

Michaela with Zee holding tomato over the lens.

Kids as subjects are very entertaining. I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's because they're still trying to figure out the way things work while a gob or bubble of spit hangs from their mouth. If you saw an adult doing that... well actually that might make for some interesting pictures as well. Kids attention spans are pretty demanding. If they are uninterested in you there's no getting an eye line from them with the camera. Luckily Renata had brought some small tomatoes. Just like a cat watching a mouse, Michaela's eye's followed the almost red tomato. If I put it on the camera lens or someones head she would be looking in that direction. It was like magic.

Michelle and Chris


Zee said...

So it Kyoko category 2? Good picture of Michaela

Cupcake said...

Why don't you ever invite me out anymore?

BagelHot said...

Cause you have kids. Seriously though. Usually your answer is you're too busy or you're too tired. The kids are a lot of work, take up a lot of energy, and so on and so forth.

It you'd like to come out next time I'll keep you and the hubby in mind.

BagelHot said...

Yes Kyoko is a category two.

theotherbear said...

Wow, I can't IMAGINE waiting 5 hours for someone. I can't imagine doing that to someone, either.

Cupcake said...

William will be teaching up at York U. every Thursday night this term. Therefore, the kids and I will be available for most of the day and an early dinner outting OR you are welcome to come to our 'hood and we can walk somewhere. BTW, I'm also taking refresher driving lessons (yet again) but this time, the car is more available to me and we can check out some places in the Junction.

Anonymous said...

It's true that I am late a lot. However if you have really have a problem with it, either (1)don't invite me or (2)don't wait for me. Next time pick either category.

Which leads me to two questions, (1)"Does Bagelhot have a real beef with my lateness?" or (2)"Does Bagelhot just want to punish me with a lengthy rant on his blog to publicly humiliate me because he can't talk about it to my face for some unknown reason?"

So is Bagelhot in category 2?

BagelHot said...

To be fair I have told you this to your face (a number of times I might add) and the fact that your tardiness is stated on the blog isn't really a surprise to anyone that knows you. We wouldn't have a term like KyokoTime would we?

The question you should be asking yourself is not if you're late or not. We know you are (a lot of the time). We also know you're a catagory two.

Which means that by inviting you to various events we have come to accept your tardiness as part of your character. Does this mean you're a cold spirited mean hearted bitch? No. It just means you're late.

(1) Yes I have a problem when you, or anyone else for that matter, is consistanly late.

(2) Public humiliation was not the intent. I was using you as an example because you are late and because most everyone knows your time scheduling deficiancy (this may come as a shock to you but this isn't news to anyone that knows you). Also it may not come as a shock to people that I was dumb enough to wait for five hours. What does that say about me?

If it helps I can walk over to your house and tell you (again) to your face that when you are late it really bugs me.

Anonymous said...

She sounds like a real catch. I can't say I would lay down like a door mat and waste 5 hours waiting for anyone, especially if they think being late is just "OK".

Anonymous said...

I agree with the post comment, above. This person doesn’t have any embarrassment about her constant lateness and she’s not even apologetic that she kept you waiting for five hours. Instead she’s annoyed that someone is actually challenging her disrespectful behavior, all be it within a public forum. Perhaps this blogger finally felt that a public statement was the only way to be heard by this Kyoko person.

Anonymous said...

My thought on why Bagelhot even brought up Kyoko being late was to illustrate the point that for the birthday she was on time.

If anything it seemed to me like he was commending her for her current actions of being on time while pointing out how she has gotten away from her past of being late.

Obviously Kyoko interpreted the text differently thinking it was an atttack on her current state of character.

Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

LOL! That Kyoko chick should take a chill pill. She's being congratulated for being on time, LOL. Here, have a medal - you r awesome!

Cupcake said...

I don't know who you are bowser, but you seem to be a very understanding soul. You also defended me in a BagelHot entry titled Ashley Floats Around. Thanks.

theotherbear said...

Ha ha ha ha this is better than a good comedy any day. I wonder if it's only me reading this and laughing.

Anonymous said...

To CupCake

Call 'em like I see 'em.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this blog entry has a life of it's own. I have only myself to blame for adding fuel to the fire.

I waited a few days to get some perspective on why I reacted so negatively. Bagelhot is completely right about my chronic lateness. I will try to do better.

I think the reason I got so upset was that although it was not Bagelhot's intent to embarrass me, that is exactly what he did. I know that blogs are a place to talk about one's interests and to air out one's concerns, issues, etc. I also know that no friend is perfect. However when you've had other friends (not work collegues, not strangers, not just any joe) piss you off, you have not aired out your beef on a public forum. I think that dispite my lateness, I have always tried to be a good friend to you Bagelhot. When you weigh the good & the bad, have I been one? Yet you did not afford me the same consideration you would have given any one else you call a friend. (If you would like a specific example we talk about it in private.) I reacted defensively because I was hurt by the thought that you value me less. Was that your intent?

Bowser, thanks.

As for Zara, Marinasafrika, Finchy & TheOtherBear, you do not know me nor do you know the sum of what is between Bagelhot & myself so screw-off. I'm trying to deal with something that has to do with MY LIFE. It's easy to annonomously comment on others so why don't you challenge yourselves with your own lives.

Oh no, I'm adding fuel to the fire again. Let the blogging continue as I'm sure that Zara, Marinasafrika, Finchy, TheOtherBear and anyone else who has nothing to do with this will tell you.