Thursday, September 28, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me

A typical rainy day in Toronto

It's my birthday today. Originally I planned to be in Toronto for my birthday so I could go out with friends to celebrate. Instead I woke up at 4am and stayed at home working all day on transferring files, photos, from the dual layer DVDs to the computer hard drive. The goal was to sift through them, find the better ones and have them ready for Max, A fashion editor who contacted me via email while I was in London.

The copying from the DVDs alone took about eight hours during which I stuck my head outside to go to the corner store to get some food. That's the problem with going on extended trips. When you get back the food in the fridge is bad or non-existant. Turns out it was raining (see picture above). I suppose it was a good thing to do something indoors afterall.

In the end I received one phone call and one email. At first I thought getting any phone calls was surprising as no one knew I was back officially. It was Leanna. It made sense. I wrote my birth date down in her day timer just before I gave it to her for a present earlier on in the year. The mail I got was from Bosco, a friend in Hong Kong. I'm probably in some automated birthday calendar on his computer.

I ended up staying awake another six hours sorting through the photos.

Happy birthday to me.

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Zee said...

You gonna back-date 2 months worth of entries?