Friday, March 09, 2007

Flirty Girls turn one

Climbing in the pole dance studio

There are things about women that while kept secret are quite fascinating to men. There's an air of magic and mystery and sensual pleasure. Take underwear for example.

When I first started dating Helga (name changed to protect me), I was under the impression that she always wore sexy french cut lingerie panties. When we first made out I found that she wore that underwear that was be fitting to a catalogue model. After "seeing" her on other occasions I came to realize that she had a bunch of sexy under garments that made my head spin.

It wasn't until later, when she became more comfortable with me (or knew I wasn't going to dump her) that she switched over to the granny panties. What the hell? I was shocked. At first I felt like there was some sort of bait and switch thing going on. In the end I was grateful. I mean after all she was putting out... with me. And to be honest if she wore those panties during the first night of fun I would still have thought I was pretty darn lucky. It's what's in the inside that counts. Still there's something to be said about packaging and the whole magical idea that one gets in their mind before reality kicks in.

Take the women's washroom. Upon entering the washroom women strip off their clothing and wearing nothing but skin tight lingere or their birthday suit, they sit on sofas, take the odd soapy shower, frolic in the large water fountain (that are in women's washrooms and not mens washrooms), and interact with other women, actions essentially bordering on a full out lesbian orgy. This explains why women take so long while going to the washroom, usually go in pairs, and seem so much more refreshed and relaxed when they come out.

In reality women use the washroom to take a dump, adjust themselves, a analyze the crap out of the guy that just made a pass at one of them or the guy that was "checking them out", little did they know it but the guy was really trying to watch the TV that they were standing in front of.

Belly dancing

This brings me to Flirty Girl Fitness, an exclusive women's fitness club here in Toronto, had their one year anniversary party and I was to cover it for Juicy Stuff. Images of girls dancing with poles and doing other sexy moves and all while wearing sexy outfits came to mind.

Of course once at the actual party reality would kick in and destroy that ideal image... or would it. To my surprise it was pretty much what I thought it would be if not more. When you think of going to see pole dancing, for some reason, the most neanderthal type guys showing up in attendance come to mind. The ones that hoot and hollar while trying not to scrape their knuckles on the ground. The guys that yell "Show me your T__s!" and make the rest of the male population ashamed to be grouped in with these vulgar apes.

Jesika Joy from Video Object

Surprisingly and I'm not quite sure how they did this but the low brows weren't in abundance. People of both sexes were having a grand old time, socializing and trying to dance using the poles. Some with more comical outcomes than that of others. I'm sorry to say it but guys should stay away from pole dancing. It just looks too funny and awkward.

Why is it that guys look goofy while women look sexy?

The Flirty Girls had pole dancing demonstrations, belly dancing, chair dancing, even that bar dancing based on the dancing in the Coyote Ugly movie. The athletic coordination and arm strength required for some of those moves was pretty impressive.

Coyote Ugly bar dancing

For more information on Flirty Girl Fitness click here.


phaedrav said...

Where do you stand on the "no underwear" crowd? There are different camps and 2 sides to the "nothing underneath" angle.

theotherbear said...

HAHAHA - this post totally cracked me up. You're so right on the wearing of nice undies only in the beginning.

BagelHot said...

To be honest I like the whole underwear thing. It keeps things from just hanging out and perhaps adds an element of mystery.

There's that thing going on right now with people telling Posh spice to wear bras because the tight T-shirts she wears show too much definition. I'd tell those people to leave her alone she should wear what she feels comfortable in.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the underwear and the old bait and switch. It's like when you first date a person and of course they only put on their best face, pretending to be nice, sweet and wholesome. Pretending that they actually care about others in the world around them and about the state of the world in general. Then a few years later, Wham! not only are they wearing granny panties but you also realise they are selfish, manipulative and psychotic.

BagelHot said...


That seems a bit dark.

Cupcake said...

Ooooh, anonymous has some relationship issues. Hope this person can resolve the problems. The sexy underwear vs granny underwear as metaphor for duality in love.

Hey, you can only were thongs for so long. ;-P And some men think cotton undies are sexy. Have you seen the new girly boxers in cotton? Have a wander into La Senza.