Friday, March 02, 2007

It's supposed to be a pig

Looking through a chain link fence at the train yard

The crazy dump of snow that occurred yesterday started melting away today but there was still a lot of ice and slush on the streets. I had decided to wear my snow boots to travel off to the house that I was going to drop off the photos for the Dog show. With the boots on it took me a lot longer to walk over than I anticipated and trudging uphill became more of a cardio exercise than a short walk. Plus there was the ice. Did I ever write that I'm not fond of walking on icy sidewalks?

With the flipping over like someone riding a banana peel and landing on your butt burnt into my mind I walked around like an old lady, crouched forward so if I did fall it would be face first and I could land on my hands. Do short people have an easier time walking around since their center of gravity is closer to the ground?

After dropping off the photos I went back home and was inspired by the snow man, bear, pig, I saw the other day. I decided to try some sculpting of my own. There was a giant lump of snow in my backyard that kind of resembled a pig and since it was the year of the pig I decided to try to make it look more like a pig or some kind of wild boar.

If you look closely you'll see a pig... or maybe a warthog.

After about an hour of shovelling more snow onto the lump and patting down the snow with my bare hands, the snow was very wet and I didn't want to get my gloves soggy, my hands became very cold. Yes, handling snow does that. It got to a point where I couldn't feel them anymore so I stopped, satisfied that the pig wouldn't look much better, and to go inside to get warm again.

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