Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A nice place to eat but a bad place for a catwalk

"The Drake"

It had been a while since I did a Juicy Stuff assignment. Tonight I was to help cover a fashion show at the Drake Hotel. So maybe I've been spoiled from shooting fashion shows in London but I have to say shooting at the Drake hotel had really bad lighting.

The area that made up the catwalk was poorly lit. It is a restaurant after all and not a photo studio. Still the busy backgrounds of people and the drastic bright to dark pools of light didn't help my photography all that much.

One of the models walking in one of the few lit areas

There were three areas to shoot the models walking around with semi-decent light. This meant you had to shoot around people or other photographers to get the shot. Usually someone's head was in the way. It wasn't nearly as bad as the topshop Christopher Kane show in terms of people but the lighting was terrible.

Juliet interviews the designer

Okay enough ranting about light, the big plus for having the fashion show at a restaurant is that you can actually eat and drink there. The finger food put out for the media tasted great.

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