Monday, March 05, 2007

Forcing oneself to go out

King Kong climbs the memorabilia shelf at Monster Records

Today, with hardly anything to do at home, I forced myself to go out to...
  1. buy new boots
  2. buy a few drive enclosures
  3. get groceries
I decided to retire my old boots which I had been wearing for the last two years. The back heel of my left boot had a large rip between the back of the boot and the sole. It could now talk should I want to start up a kid's show for reading. Step in a puddle and the whole back of the foot was frozen with the cold water. The hole was a lot smaller before going to the UK but over the last few weeks it had become more noticeable.

I tried putting off the purchase of the new footwear for at least another month... oh well. Originally Kyoko asked if I wanted to get new boots before the trip and my answer was "no". Not that I didn't need them but because I didn't want to be wobbling around in new shoes. Breaking in new foot wear while balancing on something while shooting usually ends up in a tragic fall to the ground. New shoes or new camera gear? Hmmm....

The purchase of the new boots was pretty quick. I had gone to where I bought the previous boots in Kensington market. After that it was off to pick up another drive enclosure. The computer store that had some in stock was conveniently located near Monster Records. I popped in to see Roger climbing a ladder to check on the leak.

After that I went home. I was too bushed to go out for groceries.

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