Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hammer City Loves Hurricane Heather

Ivy with some Pittsburgh after party vittles.

If you're going to be out skated by the other team at least you can party with them afterwards. That seems the derby way. Hurricane Heather, while a pain in the butt jammer during this evening's bout against the HCRG, is an amazing person to know and wow! can she dance on the dance floor (with skates on to boot).

Pittsburgh fresh meat skaters

Hurricane Heather standing on her head

One of the guys from Pittsburgh said to me (while I was stuffing my face with after party food), "If you're going to take photos, make sure you take photos of her (pointing to Heather)". I followed his pointing finger through the crowd. There she was on skates and about to stand on her head. Before long all the HCRG girls were dancing along with her.

Dancing with roller skates.

"...took the midnight train going any where..."

I was told by some of the HCRG girls that they really liked Heather's attitude on the track. Just before she out jammed and out skated them she would give them words of encouragement to make them feel less intimated perhaps. It was the first HCRG bout against other skaters from WFTDA even though it wasn't a sanctioned game. You can almost feel the derby love.

Dicey and me

D-minus' "hot ass."

Heather amazes us all

The HCRG loves Hurricane Heather

Heather gets an HCRG hig from Red Ridinghood

Beer + HCRG skater = crazy fun

Pyramid one

Pyramid two

Ivy and the girls dance to Thriller

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