Sunday, July 19, 2009

TORD Chicks Ahoy VS The Smoke City Betties

Mega Bouche of Chicks Ahoy

So okay I'm going to be lazy here as I got a program but lost it some where. Agh. Anyhoo, here's some photos from the TORD game. I've labelled the people I know and I haven't memorized the numbers so they're not labelled. If you want me to update the info under the photos feel free to comment or email me.

Demolition Dawn of the Smoke City Betties

The Crow

Tom and Nikki

What is going on here? Your guess is as good as mine. While waiting for the game to begin we catch some of the rollergirls creating hair-staches. Who are we to argue?

"Holy crap!! She has long hair!"

Jewel Kicker is kind of wacky fun

Jewel Kicker

Andrew and Penny

The Chicks' bench

CrankyPants jumpstarts the crowd

"Stop crying, people are looking."

The TORD crowd

watching the game from the penalty box

Smoke City Betties win

Smoke City Betties 68
Chicks Ahoy 61

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Wicked pictures!


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