Friday, July 31, 2009

RollerCon 2009 Day 3

Breakfast sculpture

On today's agenda, the WFTDA sanctioned bout between the Boston Massacre and the BAD Girls All-Stars. The bout was scheduled for noon. Thank goodness. It allowed our tired post party bodies to sleep in a bit more and take our time eating breakfast before venturing out to the sports center.

A visit from the Rev

Morning massage

Yay! Food!

Checking out the eyeball.

"Wait for us."

A Hammer City T-shirt!!! woo woo!

This thing is looking like a large version of the AGO Crystal

Driving down the Las Vegas strip

The Luxor

Carrot Top? Is he still around?

Boston Massacre VS BAD Girls All Stars

The Sports Center Audience

Bay Area Derby Girls All-Stars. Did anyone else notice the acronym BAD GAS? I wonder if anyone else made that connection? It's too bad they didn't go with All-Star Skaters cause then they'd be BAD ASS. (Faster than a rolling O, more powerful than a silent E. ) The BAD team made it to the Nationals last year so I was expecting some pretty bad ass skating.

As for Boston, what do we know about them? I didn't even know they had a roller derby team until this week. It's not like I memorize the WFTDA team rosters (although maybe I should). Boston Pizza, the Boston Bruins (from the original six), Bobby Orr, the Boston Tea Party, the Red Sox, the Boston Marathon, Boston cream pie/donut, I've heard of those. Roller Derby? Nope. Never associated the city with roller derby.

Later on I'd find out that the Montreal Roller Derby Girls love them. Love them. That's good enough for me. Go Boston!

As a photographer it's usually a good idea to stay impartial to the teams that play. I say usually but if you're shooting for a specific team or league then all that goes out the window. It's easier to focus on good skating as opposed to a specific team members if you're impartial. In the end you have photos of great skating and hopefully of the two teams.

We the photographers (Apron, Shoot to kill, Shutter thug, and me holding the camera), in order to form a more perfect union...

Before the game there was a quick meeting for us photographers regarding where we were going to be shooting from. How many of us could fit in the middle of the track, standard photo etiquette, all that good stuff.

Claire D. Way, Jammer for the Boston Massacre

Shoot to kill, photographer from Chicago

The people that announce the game

Sports Center during the half time break

Whip It girls throw free stuff into the audience

Bulldog holds up a fist full of Whip it trading cards

The Boston Massacre team with sugar wheels

Extending a hand for a possible whip

Skating up to a wall of B.A.D.

Pussy Venom

QuadZilla gets the audience to cheer by throwing free stuff

Pussy Venom gets whacked in the face.

Synchronized chair dancing

Claire D. Way dodges and skates away scoring another point

Boston Massacre victorious

Final score
BAD Girls All Stars 58
Boston Massacre 119

The refs

Valerie of the dolls

An air conditioned bus... yay!

The non-air conditioned bus as seen for the hotel room

Loud Mouth vs Silent But Deadly

Setting up the track

Looks like a super wedgie

Gramercy Refs vs Co-Ed Cripplers

Las Vegas is a very dry place (it's in a desert after all)... drink lots of water

QuadZilla skates around so fast that his jammer ref has a hard time keeping up.

QuadZilla leaves a wake of skater bodies lying on the track

Thomas Refferson in mid leap passing a blocker

Vagine Regime vs Strickly Dickly

The audience loves Bane-Ana

Disco pants ala Mr. Rawk


Miss Fortune, jammer, navigates around the pack.

Moll E. Hatchet attempts to clear the way for her jammer

Cherrylicious calls of the jam

...and this is why there are track boundaries.

Trish the Dish takes a moment

Maul E. Hatchet from Chicago

Vagine Regime and Strictly Dickly

The announcers

Waiting for the bus

After the Fremont experience bouts there were a bunch of us that were worried that we were waiting on the wrong side of the street waiting to be picked up by the shuttle bus. After all yesterday we were standing on the wrong side of the street and if it wasn't for Rebel Rock-it getting the bus to wait for us we might have been waiting a lot longer for a bus that we thought never came.

Today we waited for the bus where it dropped us off. During the 40 minutes of waiting another bus stopped and asked us who we were waiting for before closing the doors on us.

There it is!

"Yay! I'm on the bus"

Heading back to the I.P.

Next Up
Photos from the Black and Blue Ball...

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