Thursday, July 30, 2009

RollerCon 2009 day 2

Thumbs up on the cream tower!

Today was swamped with various challenge bouts at both the sports center and Fremont street. 11 in total. I managed to shoot 10, missing the SoCal VS NorCal bout due to be stuck in a line up for food for 20 minutes at the sports center.

Veggie omelet with hash brown potatoes

Jess Bandit and the Statue of Liberty

Femme Brulee... right on!

Strychnine of Wicked Skatewear holds up a freshly printed BagelHot shirt!! Yay!!!

The Five on Five booth

Toxic Pink Stuff does some skate drills

skate lessons

Team Awesome VS Mas o Menos

Smarty Pants and Isabelle Ringer exchange info before first whistle

B-Train skates in for lead jammer

The spectator POV

"I see you eating a sandwich, Bandit"

some leg stretches

balancing on one leg

Bacon VS Fakin' Bacon

Little Miss Masochist leads the pack

B-Train slows down into the pack

Jammer line between Fakin' Bacon and Bacon

Cherrylicious comes up from behind pivot

Bacon skater Isabelle Ringer out manoeuvres fakin' bacon pivot

Justice Feelgood Marshall shows score

Chicago's photographer, Shoot to kill

Happy bacon skater

Pizza Party VS Dance Party

Who's team pizza party and who's team Dance party?

Getting ready for Short bus VS Amazons

The ride back to the Imperial Palace

The bus next to us

Smack and Burnadeath

Helmets for boulders

Note: The holes in the stockings, and the "hot" pants.

Getting off the bus

Walking to Fremont

Itty Bitty Tittie Committee VS Over the Shoulder Boulder

Little Miss Masochist

In the penalty box

Justice Feel Good Marshall in action

To see skaters you might have to click on the photo.

London VS (Mid)America

"My nose is broken the wrong way"

ref SO


Again you might have to click on the image to see the skaters here.

Mr. Rawk

Amazon VS Short Bus

"A hip check may be in order here"

Beats per minute, lead jammer

Trying to get around Rebel Rock-it

Look carefully... see the pigeon.

SO waiting for the bus

A classic pose for a Classic Joker

I'm not being very stealthy at this point

After playing the Amazon VS Short Bus bout Rebel Rock-it notices an unsmeared arm

The Vegas strip

NorCal VS SoCal

Waiting in the food line at the Sports Centre

Yeah, sorry no photos of the SoCal VS NorCal bout. My schedule had the bouts starting at 9pm. I arrived early or so I thought. Then I found that other schedules read 8pm. Turns out the 8pm schedule was the correct one. By the time I figured it out I was waiting in line for some fries with gravy, two cheese burgers and a large lemonade. I could see skating happening. The food line took about 20 minutes to half an hour. There were instances where I thought I'd leave the food to get the shots but in the end my grumbling stomach won out. Food before photos. It's times like this where I wish I had an assistant.

Australia VS Canada

Dust Bunny

Anita Martini, blocker

Jazz Hands (or slippery floor)

Cookie Cutter (45)

Anita Martini

Team Canada

Team Canada and Team Australia

Pink Flamingos VS Garden Gnomes

The Flamingo roller stance

Lobster makes it to RollerCon!

Rainbow VS Goth

Null Ptr Ref

Team World VS Team America

"Run for the last bus!"

"Yay! we made it on"

To the hotel rooms to dump stuff off before partying

Micheal Jackson sings "Man in the mirror"

"Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world..."

Why type it in when you can click here.

uh oh, here comes security

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