Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Flesh and Fantasy

Melanie's Studio

Hamilton. I was invited to attend the Flesh and Fantasy fashion show. Melanie and some of the girls from the derby travel team were going and thought I might have fun taking photos of it. The evening started at Melanie's studio. This was the meeting place before the party where people could get dressed up. It was Halloween after all.

Melanie, Suzy, Lorraine and Kellie as Kiss

While the girls were getting their make up on I took a few photos using the tripod. I wanted to make a large panoramic photo by stitching a bunch of the smaller photos together. At one point I had to ask Karolina (the girl dressed as Zorro) to freeze while I told the sequential photos. The picture in the end turned out alright.

Once the make up was complete we took a bunch of photos. Melanie allowed me to use her flash set up. I love her lighting gear. It's an old speedotron. The recycle time is incredibly fast. At least it seemed much faster than my Visatec flash back at home.

We eventually made our way via cab to where the fashion show was taking place, the West side Theatre (434 King Street west). A typical theatre room with the theatre chairs missing and as a replacement folding chairs assembled on looking a short runway stage. I was a bit put off by the lighting. Again it probably has something to do with shooting in London where all the lighting is consistent. The lighting here was mixed and just a bit better than Toronto's L'oreal fashion week. One has to keep in mind that it's a much smaller production than that of a Fashion Week.

There were four parts to the show.
Avenue B: The Cat's Meow by Buckshot Bebee
Tallulah's Revenge!! by Kerry Wade
a musical interlude by the Orphans
Stiletto Boys by Buckshot Bebee and Kerry Wade

The Cat's Meow

Mickey Desadist with Kiss

Tullulah's Revenge

Morgan aka B.J. Hooker from the Hamilton Harlots

Part three: Stiletto Boys

Mickey Desadist with Lasha Lorraina

Fashion designers Kerry Wade and Buckshot Bebee

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