Sunday, October 21, 2007

The phone, the cat, and Jean Paul Gaultier

"Hey, you can program the cell phone to pop up with a picture of the person who's calling."

While at dim sum (at the Pearl Court) I demonstrated my new phone technology to Marc, specifically the built in camera. One of the cool things about the phone is that it displays a photo attributed to a specific phone number. For example I can program a photo of Marc to show up if Marc calls me from the phone number assigned to him. This feature won't work if Marc calls from another phone or if he blocks his number. Also it doesn't have to be a picture of Marc it can be a picture of anything (a hamburger, the London Eye, heck even a pork chop).

I used the phone camera again at Leanna's. She had invited me over to see her newly acquired kitten. A very cute allergy bag that seemed to want to use me as a sleeping cushion.

Leanna's new cat (photographed with the D200).

Me, the cat cushion (photographed with the cell phone).

Clothing by Jean Paul Gaultier

Just before leaving Leanna's I got a last minute call from JuicyStuff asking if I wanted to cover a collection by Jean Paul Gaultier at Cheval (located downtown). It was the first of a whole week of catwalks during the upcoming fashion week.

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Anonymous said...

I want to see more pics from the fashion show. And of the kitten. And... ;-)