Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hugh's Room

Colin and his Dad's custom trailer (the back end of a station wagon).

Colin had seemed a bit surprised when I told him I could only help him move stuff until the early evening due to the fact that I had a date later on in the evening with Linda. It wasn't a "Holy Crap!" eyes pop out of the head surprise, more like a "Oh, well that's new news" good for you surprise. I can't really explain the characteristics of Colin in detail in a single blog entry let alone one paragraph. To simplify things Colin is more or less a happy generous soul with a humorous sensibility twinged with a slight touch of being jaded.

Today we were moving some furniture from a storage building to his residence. It took us half the day but over all was a pretty easy move. Mostly glass table type stuff with the odd chair thrown in. After delivering the goods to the apartment he drove me back home where I would get ready for the big outing.

One of the great things about dating or seeing someone is that you can experience things (good and bad) that won't necessarily happen to you if you're by yourself. Doors open to new possibilities, new paths, new ideas. Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.

Linda had suggested we go to Hugh's Room, a restaurant entertainment thing located just south of Dundas west station. I had never heard of it before. Although once we arrived I remembered walking by it a few times in the past. She was doing some internet surfing for things to do and had come up with a few ideas. One of them being a group called "Buena Fe" a group that performed cuban salsa music. I booked the tickets and made reservations for dinner. I think it took Linda a bit by surprise at the speed at which I managed to get the tickets. I also don't think she fully took in the fact that I would have been interested in the band.

It took some time to convey that it's not just what you end up doing, it's the fact that you're spending time with an individual that wants to spend time with you, that's where the real interest lies. We could have been digging a hole to bury food from bears in the cold winter. While maybe not as cozy it would have been a great experience with the right person there. I'm not sure I had her totally convinced.

Buena Fe (described as a Cuban Trova and salsa band).

We arrived early to take our time eating before the show started. Our waitress was Churla. It turns out I had met her years ago playing soccer. She hadn't changed. As part of her job she was pushing a particular drink explaining that if she sold X number of drinks the restaurant would buy her one at the end of the night. She said they were quite yunny. I thought I'd save her the trouble and buy her a drink outright, thus alleviating the stress of fulfilling a quota just to get a drink.

Performing in Hugh's Room

The food was great. We finished just as the group got on stage. Looking around I noticed the room was packed. We were lucky, arriving there early had gotten us front row seats off in the corner. A bit secluded while at the same time allowing us to see the band and the audience. It seemed the band had a large following on the other side of the room. Mostly female and a lot of them swooning whenever the main signer looked over at them. All in all it was a great performance in a intimate setting. I would highly recommend this venue for dating purposes or to see a band or even just for the food.

A sign Linda and I passed as I walked her home.

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Anonymous said...

Hey whatchou doin' in my room? And I wasn't even there. I go to Hugh's room from time to time. For dates. Usually for a specific band.

I hope you tried the desserts too.

Ask me in private about my last "date" at Hugh's room.