Saturday, October 27, 2007

HCRG vs She-Devils

Speeding off from the hotel to the arena.

Imagine a little car pulling up with a Canadian flag bigger than life sticking out of the window followed by a van of creaming roller girls, add to that the sounds of honking horns. The cars pull up to park and out emerge a bunch of crazy screaming, hooting and hollering canuck roller girls and refs jumping up and down waving the flag that's been latched onto a now visible hockey stick.

This is the image that I witnessed as well as a whole bunch of tiny kids probably between the ages of 6 to 8. Turns out there was a birthday party for kids at the arena before us. They wouldn't let us in so we waited in the parking lot until the kids were evacuated.

Carl waves the Canadian flag

Beverley Crush-her poses with the Hammer

Bashley Olsen shows off the star power panties.

The Hamilton City Roller Girls travel team

HCRG shows the new golden panties

The She-Devils banner



Jett Girl

Chainsaw Mary

Danger Mouse

Adam the ref

Fans from Montreal!!!

Sitting on the benches... it's Carla Coma.

Marybeth as the Bride of Frankenstein

Scott as Frankenstein

Let the games begin

The pack rolls around the track

Danger Mouse gets into a lead position

Cheese Grater falls

Bashley Olsen coming around the bend

The girls of the HCRG block one of the she-devils

Danger Mouse is down

The fun stopped when we noticed Danger Mouse on her back on the floor in pain. At first we thought it was a sprain. Later we would find out it was a spiral fracture. The X-rays (as pictured below) were pretty nasty. As the arena did not have emergency services on site it was a good thing our team fans consisted of paramedics.

Lindsey was the first to skate onto the scene followed by Scott and Marybeth. Eventually the New Jersey EMS finally arrived with a gurney and everyone pitched in to help Danger Mouse get strapped in and off to the hospital.

There was a hanging black cloud over the girls when the derby was announced back on. The HCRG lost in the end to the Jersey She-Devils and we all made our way back to the hotel.

Concerned roller girls roll up to see if she's alright.

Danger Mouse rests up while the paramedics looks at her foot.

The New Jersey paramedics show up.

Prepping Danger Mouse to get ready to move

Danger Mouse lifted up

Danger Mouse to the hospital

The bout continues

Beverly Crush-her gets squished in

Carla Coma speeds into the lead of the pack

End of the game

Marybeth toots her horn

Bashley Olsen's bruises.

More bruises on the behind

Danger Mouse's spiral fracture with fixin's

right side same leg

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