Sunday, October 28, 2007

Next stop Albany, NY

Perky Set says "Wake up and drink it's noon!"

A bunch of us got up early to take advantage of the all you can eat breakfast buffet. By noon we were just about ready to head off to Albany, New York. This is where the bout with the Montreal team was going to take place. We were going to show up to give them some support.

Carl poses for Melanie.

The other car

Mel's sock droppings.

A sign I would love Carl Sagan to read.

Along the way we stopped at a McDonalds for food. I noticed the sign had "Billions and Billions served" on it. I guess they won't have to change that sign for a while... and really Billions and billions?

Woo woo!!! A Third pounder!

What really made this McDonalds stand out other than waiting in line for 20 minutes was the availability of the new Third Pounder hamburgers (made with Angus beef). Always in the mood for trying something new, I order the Mushroom Swiss Third Pounder. It was amazing. It didn't even taste like a McDonalds burger. Don't get me wrong I love the Big Mac but after I eat it I usually feel odd with all the grease that's built up. With the Third Pounder there was none of that.

Average time for the customers served

Each cash register had the average time displayed on the front. Since we were waiting for about 20 minutes I'd say other people were being served pretty fast to move the bell curve or something wasn't working properly.

At one point one of the young McCashiers yelled to the manager "We've got another one of 'em fake coins." He was referring to a Canadian quarter in his hand. I told him "You know that Canadian quarter is worth more than the American quarter right now.". He replied back "It's not worth anything here.". He then threw the quarter into the garbage before I could offer an exchange for an american quarter.

Apple slices and caramel and my Third pounder meal

Sheriff Lindsey


Dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller

Stopping for a stretch and a smoke

Beware, The Cheese Grater

Some bridge

Getting out of the van and looking up

Us at Andy's, a restaurant close to the arena.

Our next stop before getting to the derby was a place called Andy's. By this time I was starving. The McFood I ate earlier had been digested and left a hole in my stomach for more. I order the spaghetti with sausages. It didn't look like much but it was tasty.

My dinner

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