Saturday, August 07, 2010

Cricket Run

Rebecca photographs a cactus with her iPhone

My friend Rebecca has a bearded dragon. To get food she was going to walk to the pet store a number of blocks away. She invited me and not really doing anything other than thinking about the sore tooth I decided to go with her.

Our journey took us through Allan gardens where we stopped to look at some cactus plants. Eventually we made it to the Menagerie pet store on Parliament where she bought some crickets and where I witnessed a parrot screeching 'hello' to everyone that entered the bird room.

One of the lizards at the pet store

We stopped at a restaurant on parliament where I ordered a club sandwich. The demographic of people that were there would be up with the blue haired ladies sitting in front of a vegas slot machine. It was a bit weird. The service was a bit spotty and apparently they have a ketchup shortage.

I managed to eat the sandwich on the right side of my mouth. Walked Rebecca back down to Queen street then evenutally made my way home where I slept the rest of the day waiting for my tooth to heal.

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