Monday, February 14, 2005

Cupid rears his ugly face

A stuffed toy thing that I saw being displayed in a store on Yonge street the other day.

Today is that day of the year I fear more than any other day. It's the day where I have to fight urges from making a complete fool out of myself by expressing my feelings towards that special individual. When it comes to stuff like this I tend to go overboard usually overwhelming said individual and things usually end in a pretty disasterous state where I feel miserable by the end of the day.

Granted the stories generated on this day are usually pretty funny to the outsider. "You did what?". Depending on the person be it female or male I'll either get a response that resembles "That's sweet, I wish someone did that for me" or "That was !@$$# hilarious, I'm glad it wasn't me". Over the years the stories have taken on an almost legendary status with some of my friends.

This year I will to go about my everyday business without giving in. I've already slipped up a bit this morning. But that's done and there's no retrieving email once it's sent so now I'll just lay low. This year will be more difficult than previous years as a lot of my freinds are dating or married and have been sucked into the whole going out thing with their significant other. So they will be of no help in lending a hand to distract me from doing something "dumb". Maybe I'll go see a movie. That'll keep me occupied for a couple of hours. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

I may be married but I haven't lost my ability to see through the Valentine's Day marketing sham. It's essentially a corporate construct of another consumerist ploy for a free marketplace.

I told William the other day that Valentine's Day is not an excuse to treat your partner well on one preordained day, while the rest of the year is filled with complaints. I'd forgive missing a marketing bliz reminder to treat the special someone in one's life well on one day for being treated well the rest of the year.

Anonymous said...

Swampy missed the main point with his crass remark in the final sentence.

Valentine's Day is currently ordained by major corporations which in turn makes many people feel pressured and depressed if they are *without a significant other*. Let us validate their feelings too.

BTW, "rabits" is spelled "rabbits".

Anonymous said...

Hey - my beef is why is it all for Women! Us men wants some special loving too (not just the bedroom kind) Its seems most holidays end up being the men doing something for the woman. What about the other way around for a change! What happened to equality (as long as its convenient it seems...) Mother's day is always such a bigger deal than Father's day - it just isn't fair...