Thursday, February 17, 2005

Go Mullets!

Mullet team captain Gudrun Heinze closes in on an opponent.

Wednesday, day 2, post valentine's day. Things seem quiet. Almost too quiet. For the most part I've been power watching Angel season 5. Just finished another few hours. The Valentine's day fear has been subsiding with the help of staying indoors and avoiding contact with people on the outside. To avoid the label of "shut-in" I decided to go visit the hockey gang and see what's up.

The Mullets. A co-ed team started up about three, maybe four years ago, by someone trying to find a date. I'm not kidding. It worked. The person started dating someone on the team and stopped playing hockey. She shoots, she scores. The team is composed by an eclectic bunch, ranging from punk band performers, to "music people", to visual effects artists, government employees, and production coordinators. The team meets once a week, wednesdays, playing under a league that's organized by the Toronto Central Sport and social Club.

The teams played against range from happy go lucky government Health workers to testosterone filled bankers that hack, slash and try to push their way to winning the game. The sport is supposed to be non-contact and non-competitive. But every once in a while and it seems more frequent these days, you get a twit that has to win at all costs. Some person that uses their hockey stick much like an axe. Or some team that takes the game way too seriously and really should be playing in a more competitive league.

I took this season off so I haven't seen anyone on the team since before Christmas. It was good to see them and catch up during the post game eating/drinking part of the night. I miss the playing of the game, the excercise and even the horking up a lung when running too much. I'll have to make an effort to join up next season.

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