Saturday, February 19, 2005


James Tamblyn adjusts camera settings

Today I got a call around 9am to go to work as a daily on Tilt. A show that takes place in Las Vegas, but filmed here in Toronto. I'm not really sure what the show is about but in today's episode there was some guy being questioned by the FBI in an interrogation room. We (James and I) had to wire up two cameras to give the illusion that the person being interrogated was being recorded by the FBI.

Normally this would only require one person but James had to also set up some monitors for a lunch screening of episode 4. Working on set can be a little stressful especially when hardware you rely on doesn't work or someone kicks a plug out by accident. And there's always some guy with a huge ego that thinks he's a god. Somehow he stumbled into the industry through a friend and has been there ever since.

But today everything went smoothly. One of the pluses for working on set is that they feed you. It's a great way to save money. I had a nice steak and potato lunch. Upon going into overtime (after clocking 12 hours) a second meal arrived. A bunch of Lick's burgers. I had a veggie burger with a pile of onions, tomatoes and guk (the secret sauce). I've noticed that there are a lot of large people that work on set. I'll have to make an effort to exercise so I do not become one of them.

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